About Us:

The most potent band to come out of New Zealand since the far-off days of the Chills… Gorgeous”. 5 stars The Independent, Happy Ending.

We are a band called The Phoenix Foundation. We spewed forth in the heady days leading up to the Y2K global crisis.

We’ve since released some albums, EP’s and composed sound tracks for two feature films: Eagle Vs Shark & Boy. We have achieved all of this without ever resorting to witch craft or flagrant skullduggery. We’ve just released our new album Buffalo. Here’s what the Guardian has to say about it:

‘’Taking a route increasingly denied to British pop, these New Zealanders have been able to develop under the radar over a decade before delivering what feels like a major breakthrough. Song writing this good doesn’t come along often…..an album that already seems destined to be among the best of 2011.’’ 5 Stars. The Guardian. 

The Phoenix Foundation Are:
Samuel Scott - guitars, vocals
Lukasz Buda - guitars, vocals, keys
Conrad Wedde - guitars, keys
Tom Callwood - bass guitar
Richie Singleton - drums
Will Ricketts – percussion, keys

Here’s some other nice things that people have said:

‘’A radiant, marvellous sound’’ 4 stars,  The Independent. Jan 2011, ‘Buffalo’.

‘’immaculately crafted…. if ever you were looking for a record to banish the winter, this could be it.’’ bbc.co.ukDec 2010, ‘Buffalo’

“Brimmed with rock & pop classicism. Impressive.” 4 stars Mojo, Oct, 2009 (Happy Ending)

“a quest of a record. For those in the know, your secret might not be safe for long.” 8/10 Drowned In Sound. Oct, 2009. (Happy Ending)

“The future and the past seldom sounded so delightful” Q. Magazine. Sept 2009. (Happy Ending)

Listen to our music HERE, and watch our videos HERE

Follow us on facebook or twitter or contact us directly at: band@thephoenixfoundation.co.nz


NZ: band@thephoenixfoundation.co.nz

Australia: mark@theatlasagency.com

UK: julesdelattre@theagencygroup.com





Europe: Memphis Industries

 New Zealand & Australia: EMI