The Phoenix Foundation

Our new video…go to the youtube page to find a free DL of the song. Share it on facebook or twitter to go in the draw to win all our albums as digital downloads. The 5 winners will also have access to pre-release tracks from our next album BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!!! Cool prize eh? …don’t forget to tag us! @phoenixfound or

The new video for ‘Pot’. Hoorah! It is the work of London based, NZ bred film genius Reuben Sutherland.

This is our new video. Directed By Nathan Hickey, featuring Daniel Harris and Rosie Herdman.. It’s about a young lad who travels to an alternative hippy underwater universe (and a floating forest of enchanted wanderers…?) when he holds his breath. Which seems entirely appropriate companion to a song about a Buffalo who rumbles his way across the floor of the great Pacific ocean. 

 Big thanks to Nathan and his marvelous crew. 


From our album Pegasus. Created by the ultra talented Rueben Sutherland.

Forty Years

Taika Waititi has made a video for The Phoenix Foundation track 40 Years. It stars him as a jogging, singing, knight killing, death defying beach enigma.

Going Fishing.

Going Fishing: From our debut album ‘Horsepower’ and cut with scenes from the film Eagle Vs Shark, which we wrote and performed the score for. The original video was directed by Richard Bell.


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